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Alumni Mentorship Program 2023

We are kickstarting the third Alumni Mentorship Programme, involving alumni as mentors and graduate students at NUS as mentees, to provide students with the support and guidance needed to navigate better and plan their careers. We had our first and second successful Mentorship Program in 2021 benefitting 200+ mentees by connecting them to 100+ mentors!

The NUS GSS Alumni Mentorship Programme is an 8-week programme that provides a platform for mentees to realise their potential by enabling personal and professional relationships with mentors, who act as role models and guide them. It offers opportunities to develop business contacts, access industry information, and gain valuable insights from experienced professionals like yourself!

Minimum Commitment for mentors: One face-to-face meeting and one online meeting with the mentee!

*Please do sign up here if you can commit a small amount of time to guide and mentor students in need of career assistance over the next few months!

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