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Atomionics is a Singapore based VC-backed startup building quantum sensors for resource exploration and navigation. We measure gravity, acceleration, and rotation 1000x better than the state of the art. Our sensors can build a complete map of the underground, thus help pinpoint underground structures, like bunkers and tunnels, predict earthquakes, provide precise navigation, and build a universal positioning system that works everywhere – underground, underwater, and even in space. We have deep expertise in bringing complex technologies from a lab environment to the dynamic real world. We are a small, focused group in a high-energy environment. The core of what we are building is called cold atom interferometry, where we cool down atoms to microkelvin temperatures by shooting lasers at them. This allows us to precisely measure the forces acting on them. Our team has over 30 years of combined relevant research experience. And due to the complexity of our work, our employees get to interact with other domains such as electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, and software engineering.
Our company likes to treat our work as a “gym for our minds”.

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