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Corporate Secretarial Associates

Job Type:


Job Function:



We welcome highly motivated and committed individuals who share our core values to join us. We are committed to our values of leading by example, delivering quality services with integrity, communicating openly, acting ethically, and fostering a community built around civic responsibility and teamwork.

  • Provide corporate secretarial support for clients
  • Assist in corporate secretarial assignments, ACRA BizFile e-stamping
  • Assist in the application of passes-related assignments
  • Perform Know Your Customer due diligence requirements
  • Assist in other ad-hoc secretarial administrative assignments
Preferred Domain:

Accountancy/Business/Legal Studies or related disciplines

  • Accountancy/Business/Legal Studies or related disciplines
  • Team player with good initiative and strong interpersonal skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Meticulous, organised, and possess a positive working attitude
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