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Business Development Intern

Job Type:

Part Time Internship

Job Function:

Establish sales leads, product testing and explore business development opportunities


As a Business Development Manager for our startup that works on Continuous & Contactless Vitals Monitoring, your primary responsibility will be to identify and establish sales leads for our innovative vital sign monitoring solutions. You will be responsible for developing relationships with potential customers, conducting product testing and demonstrations, and identifying new business opportunities.



Your key responsibilities will include:

  1. Developing and executing a sales strategy to meet or exceed sales targets and revenue goals.
  2. Identifying and cultivating new business leads through targeted outreach efforts, such as cold-calling, email campaigns, and social media.
  3. Conducting product testing and demonstrations for potential customers, including healthcare providers, hospitals, and other medical facilities.
  4. Establishing relationships with key decision-makers in the healthcare industry, including hospital administrators, medical directors, and procurement officers.
  5. Participating in industry events and conferences to network and develop new business opportunities.
  6. Collaborating with the product development team to ensure that customer feedback is incorporated into product development plans.
  7. Providing regular updates and reports to senior management on sales progress, customer feedback, and market trends.
  8. Staying up-to-date on industry trends and competitor activities, and using this information to inform sales and business development strategies.

You should be a self-starter with strong communication and interpersonal skills, and the ability to build relationships with potential customers. You should also be comfortable with product testing and conducting demonstrations, and have a strong technical understanding of our vital sign monitoring solutions.

Preferred Domain:

Business development, Sales


Should be ready to travel a lot across singapore everyday.

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