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Environmental Engineer Intern

Job Type:

Full Time Internship

Job Function:



The Environmental Engineering Intern is an entry level position for a fresh graduate, undergraduate or equivalent to practise and gain professional experience in the environmental consultancy industry. The Environmental Engineering Intern will report to the Project Manager of Water Engineering and work under guidance from Engineers or other staff. The Environmental Engineering Intern is expected to assist and provide technical support to the Project Manager and Engineers, particularly in calculation and numerical modelling, scientific data analysis, field survey and project design.

Hydrobiology is small but growing company, so the Environmental Engineering Intern needs the ability to integrate effectively into a small and dynamic team, whilst also demonstrating the skills and experience to undertake the range of tasks required of them. Hydrobiology operates internationally, the Environmental Engineering Intern may be called upon to work on projects in other jurisdictions and undertake travel from time to time.


Main Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Assist and undertake scientific data collection, collation and statistical analysis (e.g. hydrology, environmental chemistry, water quality, experimental design, ecological statistics, application of appropriate software etc) under guidance.
  • Apply coastal hydrodynamic or wave model using recognised modelling software e.g. Delft3D under guidance.
  • Undertake or support field work under guidance locally or internationally (sometimes in remote and inaccessible areas).
  • Assist Managers or Engineers with the preparation of high-quality technical reports or publications.
  • Participate in project coordination and provide support on project management and other technical staff.
  • Provide support in business development, marketing and maintaining relationships with clients.
  • Provide support to other Hydrobiology departments as required, other project tasks, or as directed by the reporting/line manager.
  • Undertake routine administration duties (including timesheet entry, logging of project-related expenses, attendance of weekly office meetings etc).
  • Be willing to travel for field work and work on weekends/ public holidays.

The list of duties and responsibilities outlined above is representative and not a complete and detailed list of tasks.

Preferred Domain:

Environmental Engineering

  • Fresh graduate, undergraduate or equivalent studying in Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Marine Engineering, or equivalent from an accredited institution.

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