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35th ExC0 Elections

35th ExCo Vacancies

  1. Vice president (external)

  2. General Secretary

  3. Director of Student affairs

  4. Treasurer

  5. Sports and recreational secretary

  6. Social secretary

  7. Assistant general secretary

  8. Welfare secretary

  9. Student development secretary

  10. Public relations secretary

  11. Business manager

  12. Creativity Secretary

  13. Publicity Secretary


NUS Graduate Student’s Society is Stepping into 35th year in the academic year 2020 – 2021. We warmly welcome you all to participate and co-create the graduate life along with Graduate Student’s Society. As a grand old society, we are here for you, join our Welcome Tea session and know more about the society.


Why should you join GSS?

  • GAP hours claimable for PhD students (*please check with your scholarship T&C)

  • MOE Subsidised accommodation on Campus 

  • OSA Record of participation

  • Network with Potential employers

  • Networking with other university officials 

  • Position of Responsibility 

  • Friends and lots of fun


Welcome Tea - Sept 6th (2pm-3pm) 

  • Interested candidates can interact with 34th ExCo members to do their groundwork

  • Welcome Tea is an informal session, so does not require any presentation 

  • A nomination form will be sent after Welcome Tea 

  • Vouchers are for participants who fill our survey formGSS Grab


Elections (AGM) - Sept 13th (11am-3pm)

  • Leading core elections and sub-committee elections will happen on the same day

  • The voting is done by 34th Executive Committee and participating members (for sub-committee)

  • Nominees will be given a 12min slot for presentation and Q&A

  • It is not compulsory to have a presentation, but it is preferred 

  • Presentation time is limited to 5 minutes 

  • Nominees can choose up to two preferred positions (including one leading core and one sub-committee)​


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All Positions

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