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Senior Environmental Consultant

Job Type:


Job Function:



Knowledge and Skills

· Self-motivated, creative, energetic, willing to learn new skills, and interested in continuous improvement, through best practices and research

· Knowledge and understanding of hydrology, coastal processes, water quality, climate change, marine biodiversity and ecosystems

· Experience with water quality modelling or other environmental modelling software would be looked on favourably

· Knowledge of marine or general environmental measurement and survey work

· Good cooperative interpersonal skills, working with a wide range of colleagues from diverse backgrounds

· Confidence to work with different external stakeholders (e.g. developers, contractors, government agencies, NGOs, etc)

· Attention to detail with good verbal, analytical and writing skills, professional presentation, and communication competencies

· Ability to work well independently, under pressure and demanding deadlines, as part of a team, in a fast-paced and dynamic environment with multiple projects and various stakeholders

· Ability to work flexibly in response to project needs and deliverables that may occasionally include weekends and public holidays

· Working knowledge of MS Office suite, including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint


Key Responsibilities

· Undertake technical work as an environmental engineer or scientist for environmental impact assessments, environmental monitoring and management and other environmental studies

· Delivery of key deliverables on time and budget

· Project manage resources, schedules, sub-contractors, budgets, and risks

· Client liaison and consultations with regulatory agencies and other project stakeholders

· Develop strategies and prepare and submit proposals for new projects

· Development of innovative and multidisciplinary technical and organizational methods/services

· Work collaboratively as part of a team and share knowledge with colleagues

Preferred Domain:

degree in an environmental engineering with at least 8yr experience


Education and Experience

· Preferably a degree in an environmental engineering or science discipline

· At least 8 years relevant working experience

· Preferably recent work or research experience within Singapore

· Previous environmental consultancy experience looked upon favourably

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